are you alright? you haven't posted or even like reblogged anything in a VERY long time. Im actually kind of worried...we miss you :(

I’m okay :) No need to worry!

I’m finally in a better place in life and ready to start the blog back up again! 

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Were are you? When will you make more imagines? We miss you... ;(

To be quite honest with you, I moved at the beginning of the year (actually right before Christmas) and I fell into a deep depression after I moved. Like, not only did I kind of stop maintaining this blog, and stopped answering asks, but I’m not social with friends or family, I don’t eat, I don’t sleep, I cry all the time (lol, it sounds funny to type out) etc. Kind of sucks.

I didn’t think that when I moved, I would be like this. I’m never like this. I’m usually a bubbly, happy girl! Hopefully, I get to go back home soon and be happy again. 

I’m not trying to get sympathy from you guys or anything, but I do owe you this explanation and my apologies. I miss you all so much and I feel bad for being a let down to you. :(

I can’t promise anything, but I hope to have more imagines up throughout this week!

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